Appliance Color Trends in 2012

Many homeowners want to know the appliance color trends in 2012 as they plan to build a new kitchen or renovate an existing one.  What’s hot for 2012?  What’s not?

This appliance guide will help you choose colors that look great now as well as those that have some staying power, so you won’t be stuck with this generation’s Avocado or Harvest Gold!

Kitchen Appliance Color Trends for 2012

The most popular style in kitchens continues to be Traditional.  Country and French Country are still very much in vogue too, and Mediterranean, European, and Southwest design motifs also have plenty of enthusiasts.

For these most popular kitchen themes, Black and Stainless Steel continue to be very hot in 2012. You can’t go wrong with either one – they go well with everything.  For lighter tones, white works well with cool colors around it; Off-white or almond is a better choice if your cabinetry and countertops are warm in color tone.

If you’re opting for a Retro kitchen, which is a bit of a risk but looks fantastic when done correctly, White, Black and Stainless are best.  For something that will make more of a splash, consider Red. Berry is a trendy color that is working very well in some kitchens too.

You’ll be able to find major kitchen appliances in most of these colors, though not all brands make all their models in each one.  If color is your primary concern when shopping for kitchen appliances, you may have to be flexible about other features in order to get the color you want.

Reading appliance reviews is a good way to find refrigerators, dishwashers and other kitchen appliances with the right combination of color and features.

Clothes Washer and Dryer Color Trends for 2012

Homeowners are willing to take a little more risk in the laundry room in order to brighten up a rather dull task.  Plus, less time is spent in the laundry room and guests rarely venture in there.  These factors give you more permission to indulge your creativity.

White remains the most popular clothes washer and dryer color for 2012.  Black is making a comeback and some manufacturers are using stainless steel in their high-end units.

Other trendy colors for 2012 include Medium Blue, Bright Red and Metallic Silver, a paint that mimics the color of Stainless.  You’ll also find a few Hot Pink models around in 2012, but that’s a color that won’t likely have the staying power of these others.


If you’re looking for long-term color compatibility, you’ll do better with Stainless, White or Black.  If you want to help set a trend, and if they are colors you personally enjoy, then choosing something more daring might be a better choice.

These appliance color trends in 2012 will give you guidance on the best options to suit your personal sense of style and taste.

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  1. minerva says:

    Is there an appliance industry standard for the color white?
    Was in an email discussion with RAL who are basically confusing me. We have an appliance, it is supposed to be white, but it is a color called TRAFFIC white. I contend that it is not white and the person at RAL has said the following:
    – When I said is it white? She said: Yes it is a white colour shade.
    – I said Then just to confirm, it is not white. Please confirm my understanding. She said (emphasizing the word ‘is’): RAL 9016 IS a white colour shade the name is TRAFFIC white.
    – I said By your putting the accent on the word ‘IS’, is RAL saying that if a person labels any light color ‘…..fill in the blank…. white’, this color is the SAME AS ‘white’? My expectation is that you would have instead said: RAL 9016 is NOT white, rather it is a white COLOUR SHADE the name is TRAFFIC white. (so again, please let me know if you are saying that TRAFFIC white is the SAME AS ‘white’ or not). She said: of course white is not = white and RAL 9016 is only one kind of white.
    – I said It would be great if you could tell me then, I guess using your nomenclature below that you agree to the statement RAL 9016 (TRAFFIC white) is not equal to WHITE with the following:
    RAL 9016 (TRAFFIC white) (not equal to sign) WHITE She said: No response..

    What am I supposed to do with this when a company is trying to say, a company that should know better, that off-white is white?

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